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  • "Multispectral graphene-based electro-optical surfaces with reversible tunability from visible to microwave wavelengths"
    Said Ergoktas, M., Gokhan Bakan, Evgeniya Kovalska, Lewis W. Le Fevre, Richard P. Fields, Pietro Steiner, Xiaoxiao Yu , Salihoglu O, Balci S, Novoselov K, Dryfe RA., C. Kocabas
    Nature Photonics,  (2021), pdf,  arXiv e-prints (2020): arXiv-2007.

  • "Ultrafast spectroscopy of voltage reconfigurable graphene saturable absorbers in the visible and near infrared
    I Baylam, MN Cizmeciyan, N Kakenov, C Kocabas, A Sennaroglu
    2D Materials 6 (3), 035013

  • "Graphene-enabled adaptive infrared textiles"
    Ergoktas, M.S., Bakan, G., Steiner, P., Bartlam, C., Malevich, Y., Ozden-Yenigun, E., He, G., Karim, N., Cataldi, P., Bissett, M.A. and Kinloch, I.A., Coskun Kocabas
    Nano Letters, 2020, 20(7), pp.5346-5352. (pdf)

  • "Video-Speed Graphene Modulator Arrays for Terahertz Imaging Applications
    Y Malevich, MS Ergoktas, G Bakan, P Steiner, C Kocabas
    ACS Photonics 2020, 7 (9), 2374-2380 (pdf)

  • "Graphene Based Adaptive Thermal Camouflage."
    Salihoglu, Omer, Hasan Burkay Uzlu, Ozan Yakar, Shahnaz Aas, Osman Balci, Nurbek Kakevov, Sinan Balci, Selim Olcum, Sefik Süzer, and Coskun Kocabas.
    Nano Letters 2018 18 (7), 4541-4548  (

  • Electrically switchable metadevices via graphene
    Balci, O., Kakenov, N., Karademir, E., Balci, S., Cakmakyapan, S., Polat, E. O., ... & Kocabas, C.
    Science Advances, 4(1), eaao1749 (2018).  (

  • Graphene-Quantum Dot Hybrid Optoelectronics at Visible Wavelengths."
    Salihoglu, Omer, Nurbek Kakenov, Osman Balci, Sinan Balci, and Coskun Kocabas.
    ACS Photonics (2018) (pdf)

  • "Graphene based terahertz phase modulators."
    Kakenov, Nurbek, M. Said Ergöktaş, Osman Balci, and Coskun Kocabas.
    2D Materials, 5, 3 (2018) (pdf)

  • "Controlling phase of microwaves with active graphene surfaces."
    Balci, Osman, Nurbek Kakenov, and Coskun
    Aplied Physics Letters 110.16: 161102 (2017) (pdf)


  • "Raman and X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopic studies of graphene devices for identification of doping” PA Gokturk, N Kakenov, C Kocabas, S Suzer, “Applied Surface Science 425, 1130-1137 (2017)

  • Silvia Nappini, Alessia Matruglio, Denys Naumenko, Simone Dal Zilio, Marco Lazzarino, Frank MF De Groot, Coskun Kocabas, Osman Balci, Elena Magnano , “Graphene Nanoreactors: Photoreduction of Prussian Blue in Aqueous Solution” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2017)

  • Balci, F.M., Balci, S., Kocabas, C. and Dag, Ö "Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Mesophase of Lithium Triflate-Non-Ionic Surfactant as Gel-Electrolyte for Graphene Optical Modulator." The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2017)

  • Baylam, I., Ozharar, S., Kakenov, N., Kocabas, C., & Sennaroglu, A. Femtosecond pulse generation from a Ti 3+: sapphire laser near 800 nm with voltage reconfigurable graphene saturable absorbers. Optics Letters, 42(7), 1404-1407 (2017)

  • Gokturk, P. A., Salzner, U., Nyulászi, L., Ulgut, B., Kocabas, C., & Suzer, S. “XPS-evidence for in-situ electrochemically-generated carbene formation”,  Electrochimica Acta, 234, 37-42.(2017)

  • I Baylam, S Ozharar, N Kakenov, C Kocabas, A Sennaroglu "Femtosecond pulse generation from a Ti 3+: sapphire laser near 800 nm with voltage reconfigurable graphene saturable absorbers." Optics Letters 42.7  1404-1407 (2017) (pdf)

  • Camci, Merve T., et al. "In-Situ XPS Monitoring and Characterization of Electrochemically Prepared Au Nanoparticles in an Ionic Liquid." ACS Omega 2.2 478-486 (2017) (pdf)

  • Osman Balci, Ertugrul Karademir, Semih Cakmakyapan, Nurbek Kakenov, Emre Ozan Polat, Humeyra Caglayan, Ekmel Ozbay, Coskun Kocabas “Electrically Switchable Metadevices”,  arXiv:1512.08277, (pdf)

  • EO Polat, HB Uzlu, O Balci, N Kakenov, E Kovalska, C Kocabas, “Graphene-Enabled Optoelectronics on Paper” ACS Photonics, 3 (6), 964–971 (2016) (pdf)

  • N Kakenov, O Balci, T Takan, VA Ozkan, H Altan, C Kocabas “Observation of Gate-Tunable Coherent Perfect Absorption of Terahertz Radiation in Graphene” ACS Photonics 3 (9), 1531-1535, (2016) (pdf)

  • N Kakenov, O Balci, O Salihoglu, SH Hur, S Balci, C Kocabas, “Weighing graphene with QCM to monitor interfacial mass changes” Applied Physics Letters 109 (5), 053105 (2016) (pdf)

  • O Salihoglu, N Kakenov, O Balci, S Balci, C Kocabas “Graphene as a Reversible and Spectrally Selective Fluorescence Quencher” Scientific Reports 6, 33911 (2016) (pdf)

  • MT Camci, P Aydogan, B Ulgut, C Kocabas, S Suzer, “XPS enables visualization of electrode potential screening in an ionic liquid medium with temporal-and lateral-resolution”, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (41), 28434-28440 (2016) (pdf)

  • I Baylam, O Balci, N Kakenov, C Kocabas, A Sennaroglu, “Graphene-gold supercapacitor as a voltage controlled saturable absorber for femtosecond pulse generation” Optics letters 41 (5), 910-913 (2016) (pdf)

  • S Balci, B Kucukoz, O Balci, A Karatay, C Kocabas, G Yaglioglu “Tunable Plexcitonic Nanoparticles: A Model System for Studying Plasmon–Exciton Interaction from the Weak to the Ultrastrong Coupling Regime” ACS Photonics 3 (11), 2010-2016 (2016) (pdf)

  • O Ozdemir, AM Aygar, O Balci, C Kocabas, H Caglayan, E Ozbay “Enhanced tunability of V-shaped plasmonic structures using ionic liquid gating and graphene”, Carbon 108, 515-520, (2016) (pdf)

  • AM Aygar, O Balci, S Cakmakyapan, C Kocabas, H Caglayan, E Ozbay, “ Comparison of Back and Top Gating Schemes with Tunable Graphene Fractal Metasurfaces” ACS Photonics,  (2016) (pdf)

  • Sinan Balci, Osman Balci, Nurbek Kakenov, Fatih Bilge Atar, Coskun Kocabas, “Dynamic tuning of plasmon resonance in the visible using graphene”, Optics Letters, 41, 6, 1241-1244 (2016) (pdf)

  • P Aydogan, O Balci, C Kocabas, S Suzer, “ Monitoring the operation of a graphene transistor in an integrated circuit by XPS”, Organic Electronics 37, 178-182 (2016) (pdf)

  • Osman Balci, Emre. O. Polat, Nurbek Kakenov, Coskun Kocabas, “Graphene-enabled electrically switchable radar absorbing surfaces” 6, 6628, Nature Communication (2015)  (pdf)

  • Emre. O. Polat, Osman Balci, Nurbek Kakenov, Hasan Burkay Uzlu, Coskun Kocabas, Dahiya, Ravinda, “Synthesis of Large Area Graphene for High Performance in Flexible Optoelectronic Devices”, Scientific Reports, 5, 16744, (2015) (pdf)

  • Nurbek Kakenov, Osman Balci, Emre. O. Polat, Hakan Altan, Coskun Kocabas “Broadband terahertz modulators using self-gated graphene capacitors”, JOSAB, 32, 9, 1861-1866 (2015) (pdf)

  • Sinan Balcı, Coskun Kocabas, “Ultra hybrid plasmonics: strong coupling of plexcitons with plasmon polaritons” Optics Letters  40, 3424-3427 (2015) (pdf)

  • Nurbek Kakenov, Taylan Takan, Vedat Ali Ozkan, Osman Balcı, Emre Polat, Hakan Altan, Coskun Kocabas “Graphene-enabled electrically controlled terahertz spatial light modulators. Optics Letters 40.9 (2015): 1984-1987. (pdf)

  • Sinan Balci, Ertugrul Karademir, and Coskun Kocabas, “Strong coupling between localized and propagating plasmon polaritons”, Optics Letters  40, 3177-3180 (2015) (pdf)

  • Ertugrul Karademir, Sinan Balci, Coskun Kocabas, and Atilla Aydinli, “Lasing in a Slow Plasmon Moiré Cavity”, ACS Photonics, 2 (7),  805–809, (2015) (pdf)

  • Canbaz, Ferda; Kakenov, Nurbek; Coskun Kocabas, Alphan Sennaroglu, “Graphene mode-locked Cr:LiSAF laser at 850 nm” Optics Letters, 40, 17, 4110-4112 (2015) (pdf)

  • Mehmet Copuroglu, Pinar Aydogan, Emre Ozan Polat, Coskun Kocabas, and Sefik Suzer, “Gate-tunable photoemission from graphene transistors”,  Nano Letters, 14, 2837−2842 (2014) (pdf)

  • Emre O. Polat,     Osman Balcı    & Coskun Kocabas, “Graphene based flexible electrochromic devices”, Scientific Reports, 4, 6484, (2014) (pdf)

  • I. Baylam, M. N. Cizmeciyan, S. Ozharar, E. O. Polat, C. Kocabas, and A. Sennaroglu, “Femtosecond pulse generation with voltage-controlled graphene saturable absorber” Opt. Lett. 39, 5180-5183 (2014) (pdf)

  • Sinan Balci, Ertugrul Karademir, Coskun Kocabas, and Atilla Aydinli, “Absorption enhancement of molecules in the weak plasmon–exciton coupling regime” Opt. Lett. 39, 4994-4997 (2014) (pdf)

  • Sinan Balci, Coskun Kocabas, Betül Küçüköz, Ahmet Karatay, Elif Akhüseyin, H. Gul Yaglioglu and Ayhan Elmali “Probing ultrafast energytransfer between excitons and plasmons in the ultrastrong coupling regime” Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 051105 (2014) (pdf)

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