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 2D Materials & Devices

Exploring the 2D world

Our research aims to understand the optical and electrical properties of 2D materials  to design novel devices. We use advanced characterization techniques and micro-fabrication technologies to explore and investigate the emerging  2D materials for device applications. Our research is generously supported by funding from the European Research Council .


We are  exploring emerging 2D materials for new devices which cannot be realized by conventional materials.

Graphene on paper.jpg

Opto-electronics on paper

We demonstrate a new class of optoelectronic devices on a piece of printing paper using graphene as an electrically reconfigurable optical medium.


Adaptive Camouflage

We demonrate active thermal surfaces capable of efficient real-time electrical-control of thermal emission over the full infrared (IR) spectrum without changing the temperature of the surface.


Contact Us

The University of Manchester,
National Graphene Institute, Manchester, UK


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